The Loneliest Lion.

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1:15 pm - Soaking in the sights at Washington Square Park.
From Chris Ozer’s #OneMoreDay tour in NYC

I can help who’s next


i get butterflies when i think about myself

(via distraction)

Happy Birthday to the coolest guy I know, Dad. I am so lucky to have such an inspirational, motivating and hardworking figure in my life who has always pushed me to go the extra mile. You’ve truly taught me the meaning of love and I am so lucky to have your support, and so is Ranger. Thank you for teaching me to always be strong and how to enjoy life, but most importantly teaching me how to cook! I hope you’re having a super hipster birthday in Portland, but I honestly can’t wait to drink Pinot Noir with you in AZ! Cheers to you Dad, I love you more than anything. 🍷🎂🎉😘 #hbd #dad #pops #happybirthday #1 #xoxo #iloveyou #pinotnoir

today we found color.